Human Trafficking

Grade 7 – 12 (Matric)

30 Minutes

To warn our youth about the reality and modus operandi of human trafficking.


Who is trafficked

How traffickers work

Who are the traffickers

What happens to the victims

Where to get help / prevention

What is Human Trafficking?
Human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery. A person has been trafficked if he or she has been moved within a country or to another country, as a result of force, fraud, coercion, or manipulation. They are then exploited or made to work as some form of slave. Victims of human trafficking may be coerced into :

  • forced labour
  • begging
  • stealing
  • drug running
  • sex work
  • pornography
  • forced marriage
  • sale of body parts.

Human trafficking is the fastest growing form of organised crime. This is second only to narcotics.

Who is at risk?
Males and females.
Most commonly boys and girls from age 4 to 24.
Where poverty and children are there to is the greatest risk.
Trafficking also takes place in upmarket suburbs, private schools, upmarket shopping centres – wealth does not eliminate the danger.

Forms of Control:

  • Debt bondage
  • Removal from familiar surroundings
  • Language and social isolation
  • Violence, threats of death and fear
  • Threats against family and friends
  • Imprisonment and torture
  • Emotional manipulation

There are many organisations working individually and networked to help victims of human trafficking. To rehabilitate a victim takes many people working together, finance, time and risk to oneself.

Heart Reach’s goal is prevention.

How can we prevent trafficking?

  • Traffick proofing children in schools, universities, colleges, clubs, youth groups and in the rural areas
  • Creating awareness in South Africa by talking to companies, adults, corporations, churches – everywhere people go.
  • Working towards making South Africa a trafficking hostile country.

We cannot sit back and pretend this is not happening.
Please join hands with us in this fight. Contact us if you would like us to speak at any of your companies, work functions, social functions, churches. Every opportunity to expose the horrors of human trafficking helps.

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