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When a learner is facing an unwanted pregnancy or the emotional upheaval after an abortion they are often more comfortable speaking to a counsellor who is not in the school.  We offer free counselling in these situations.

Pre and Post abortion counselling is offered to clients facing an unwanted pregnancy.

If  you have had an abortion and are struggling to come to terms with the brokenness it has brought into your life we would be glad to sit with you and help you through this traumatic time.

VIRTUAL COUNSELLING CENTREupset girl on cellphone

Heart Reach is a Virtual Pregnancy Crisis Centre!  This basically means we can counsel anyone, anywhere via E-mail, Whatsapp, Facebook.

We receive calls from all over South Africa requesting counselling for unwanted pregnancies, miscarriages, post abortion stress, relationship issues and sometimes an expectant mom just needs someone to talk to about her fears, or her excitement.

In the past we have had to turn people away because they could not get to our counselling office for face-to-face counselling, which obviously is first choice.  Now instead of turning people away when there is no-where else they can be referred to we are able to “chat” on social media.  We can reach more people daily, and people who do not have access to transport or counselling centres in their area are now able to receive support.

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Whats App : 0823301437

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