Protecting our Children through Education

About Heartreach : When abortion was legalised in 1996 a group of concerned woman got together and formed Heart Reach Pregnancy Crisis Centre to stand by women/couples facing an unwanted pregnancy. Heart Reach is a registered non profit organisation and works through volunteers. After years of counselling and the increase in teen pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and incest/molestation we realised that we needed to be proactive in our approach and focus on prevention. In 2000 we launched our abstinence based sex education programme in schools for grade 7 to matric. We had noticed an increase in incest, molestation and sexual bullying over the past 3 years and attended Protective Behaviour training (a very successful Australian programme). We selected a number of tools from the course and launched a Be Safe presentation for grade 3 – 6s. In 2010 Human Trafficking and the resultant increase in underage sex slaves and child pornography was brought to our attention. We researched and aligned ourselves with National Freedom Network and included trafficking awareness into our programme and offer stand alone Human Trafficking talks. All our programmes are proactive and are preventative. Heartreach has a highly experienced team of educators & presenters. Each team member brings a unique set of skills and abilities to the programme, which contributes towards effective and meaningful education.