Linda came for counselling for post abortion stress, and when I asked where she had heard about us she said we had spoken to her brother’s class at Weston Agricultural College a year ago, and he told her we could help her.

 After discussing Human Trafficking with a grade 9 group at a school in Northern Johannesburg, 3  Group of teenage students enjoying outside. girls came to us after the talk and said they recognised some of the stuff we were saying was happening to them, and they thought they were getting targeted.  Investigation showed they were indeed being targeted by traffickers.


Oh Shelley

I wonder if you have any idea of the impact that your talks have on our learners? Not only did you cover our syllabus which is always a fight against time, but our learners have given us such a grand feedback. They really enjoyed your talks and feel like they have been educated.Thank you for all the trouble that you all go to to make this venture such a success.

I wish I could add three zeroes onto our cheque! Nonetheless, we look forward to seeing you again in the third term for our grade 10 darlings.

Regards to all and thanks again.

J. Hart

Hello! I was chatting to my students about guest speakers and one of them said” that lady who spoke to us about sex was good! She made it different and interesting”. They actually remember what u said! Thought u should know xx

I had really connected with a group of Matric girls at Allen Glen High, they all “befriended” me on facebook, and throughout their matric year I was able to help them through various issues they faced.  At the end of the year each girl thanked me for getting her through matric and their many trials.  At the time I was so blown away, because all I had been was a friend to them.  This hammered home how important it is to just be there to listen to our young people.  This is how you change lives.

I bumped into Neville last year (2014) and he remembered me from the talk we did to his class in 2011.  He said that it had changed his life.  He had been heavily involved in pornography and masturbation.  Our talk had encouraged him to change his ways. 

A group of grade 9 girls at **** High came to me after a talk and said they had planned to lose their virginity at a party that Friday night.  After our talk they realised that they would be making a huge mistake, and had rather chosen to wait.

In July 2006 I spoke to the matric group at Waverley Girls High School.  One September evening at 20h00 I received a call from one of the girls who said.  “I have been having sex since grade 7.  Tonight I was out at a club and was about to go home with a guy for the usual, and then I remember what you said about the packet of chips, and I suddenly thought, I am NOT a sample, I Am special and I am not going to go with this guy or any other guy.  I want to change my life.  So I want you to know that from tonight I am different.  Thank you for making me realise I am special.”

After a grade 7 talk Samantha told her story to Madelein, our presenter.  When she was in grade 6 she went to movies with a guy, her parents were in the movie next door.  Suddenly the guy got forceful and started to touch her and hurt her.  She didn’t know what to do so she just sat there until the movie ended.  She didn’t tell anyone that the guy had ‘fingered’ her.  She thought her parents would blame her and be cross with her.  Madelein was the first person she was able to talk to.  Madelein was able to comfort her and assure her it wasn’t her fault.  Our question.  Why on earth did her parents let her go to movies with a boy when she was only 11 years old?  Why were the parents in the movie next door?  They should have been with her.  Parents should be protecting their children.

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