Our talk takes into consideration those who are having or wanting to have sex now or within the next year.  And then those who want to wait for marriage.

Our talk covers :

For those who consider sex to be no big deal :         sex_education_blackboard

Why not wait? (Their opinion)

  • Who would you have sex with
  • why him/her? (gets them thinking about the implications of casual sexual relationships)
  • Contraceptive (few consider the fact that no contraceptive is 100% safe, or where to get it or whether to speak to their parents about it)
  • Where would you have sex?
  • Unwanted pregnancy
  • Who do you speak to?         What does that conversation sound like?
  • Choices
  • Single parenting
  • Abortion
  • Abandonment
  • Adoption
  • Break ups  :  Relationships tend to break up quickly & often as teens, and now you onto your second+ relationship, do you have sex with them?
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (just explanation no pictures)

For those wanting to wait :

  • Why wait?
  • Is dating now wise?
  • How far do you go physically?  Why
  • How do you set boundaries    (make them aware of the many dangers of foreplay, being alone in bedrooms and and and)
  • How does your conversation sound telling your partner you don’t want to have sex?
  • How often do you have this conversation?
  • How do you handle it if they don’t respect your decision?

These two comparisons are powerful because originally people think that waiting is the most difficult, until they compare the “I want to wait” conversation with “I am pregnant” conversation.

  • Alcohol     Our advice is NO alcohol, too young, makes you do things you normally wouldn’t, doesn’t make you sexy… often makes you look available
  • Sexting     Not a good idea!   Why do it?     Why not to do it.  You lose control the second you press ‘send’ / it seldom stays between you and the one you sent it to / what does it say about you
  • Pornography       Why do it?

Dangers – addictive, escalates.  How to take control back.

The strength of our talk is that we are all counsellors and have dealt with all the issues mentioned in the talk.  It is also a very interactive talk which stimulates open and illuminating discussions.

Goal : Broaden the learners view, and to equip them to make informed and healthy choices, as they recognise the dangers of casual sexual relationships.

Grade 7 – Matric (45 minutes to an hour presentation)

Content of talk : Our goal when talking to the youth is to get them really thinking about the far reaching consequences of irresponsible sexual behaviour.  Sex is in fact a very big deal, and we would like our youth to realise this.